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Security Deposit Policy No. 46-2012

Purpose: To reduce the exposure to bad debt for the Township of North Dundas resulting from unpaid water and sewer accounts. Uncontrolled bad debt may result in increased rates to all water and sewer customers.

Policy: Security Deposits are Required from all Tenants.

Security Deposits will be:

Equivalent to an estimated three month water and sewer bill, as determined periodically by staff and payable at the Municipal Officer. A water and or sewer account will not be established and water will not be supplied until the required deposit and a completed application form are received by the Township. Security deposits will be held by the Township and will be applied to the final bill of the Tenant.

Simple interest will be paid on all deposits. Interest will be paid at the time the deposit is refunded or applied to the account. The annual rate of interest is the rate being offered by the Township’s financial institution for their current account.

Deposits are Not Required From:

  • Government Departments, Federal, Provincial, Regional, and Municipal.
  • An owner of a residence/commercial building.

Deposit Review:

Customers exempted from the deposit requirement, who do not maintain a satisfactory payment record, will be required, upon review, to pay the appropriate deposit. Deposits will be reviewed periodically and may be increased if the current deposit is not equivalent to three months of service.