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Bylaw Services Department

The Bylaw Services Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Bylaws of the Township of North Dundas. The staff in this Department deal with Bylaws such as Property Standards, Yards, Swimming Pool Enclosures, Animal Control, Parking to name a few. Bylaw Services Officers are responsible for upholding the Bylaws which are put in place to serve and protect the residents of the Township of North Dundas.

The Township has passed the following Bylaws. Click on the specific Bylaw that you wish to access.

Dog Bylaw 38-2000

Dog Bylaw Amendment 2020-05 

Pool Enclosure Bylaw 2020-16

Clean Yards Bylaw

Property Standards Bylaw

Parking Bylaw

Parking Fines Bylaw

Public Nuisance Sign Bylaw 

All-Terrain Vehicle Bylaw

Public Nuisance Bylaw 

Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances Bylaw

Smoking or Vaping Bylaw

Food Vendor Bylaw