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By-law Enforcement Department

The By-law Enforcement Department is responsible for the enforcement of the By-laws of the Township of North Dundas. The staff in this Department deal with By-laws such as Property Standards, Yards, Swimming Pool Enclosures, Animal Control, Parking to name a few. By-law Enforcement Officers are responsible for upholding the By-laws which are put in place to serve and protect the residents of the Township of North Dundas.

The Township has passed the following By-laws. Click on the specific By-law that you wish to access.

Dog By-law

Pool Enclosure By-law

Clean Yards By-law

Property Standards By-law

Parking By-law

Parking Fines By-law

Public Nuisance Sign By-law 

All-Terrain Vehicle By-law

Public Nuisance By-law 

Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances By-law

Smoking or Vaping By-law

Food Vendor By-law