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Transportation Services

The Township of North Dundas is responsible for maintenance of:

  • 387 kilometers of roads
  • 14 bridges
  • 29 culverts
  • mowing shoulders
  • brush cutting
  • weed control
  • sidewalks
  • signs
  • guide rails
  • pavement markings
  • street lights
  • pedestrian crossings
  • traffic signals, and more

To ensure residents and guests stay informed about local services and disruptions, construction notices will be posted under Public Notices.

If you have a concern about weeds, please contact the County SDG's Weed Inspector, Phil Duncan at or you can fill out the online complaint form.

Application for Municipal Consent for Right of Way

Bylaw 2021-56 To regulate the entry onto and the cutting and reinstatement of municipal roadways

Bylaw 2021-45 Establish Fees for certain licences, permits, certificates and for various services

Crossing Guards

The Township of North Dundas has crossing guards at three locations to ensure children in the community are escorted safely across roadways. Drivers are reminded to take caution in school zones and to look for the crossing guards’ stop sign.


  • Traffic Stop: the guard proceeds to the center of the roadway when traffic stops
  • Children Crossing: the guard waves when traffic has completely stopped to advise children that it is now safe to cross the roadway
  • Traffic Move: the guard sounds this when the children and the guard have safely crossed the road indicating to the driver(s) that it is now safe to proceed