Livestock Losses

Under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, livestock and poultry producers are entitled to make claims to their local municipality for livestock losses.  If you believe your livestock/poultry have suffered an injury/kill due to predation, you should immediately notify a valuer. Do not remove the carcass from the attack site as the valuer will want to examine the area for evidence to help determine the cause of the loss. Please take a picture for reference.

The Township of North Dundas has appointed the following persons as livestock valuers:

  • Rick Scheepers who can be reached at telephone number 613-978-5260

You may also report livestock injuries/kill to the Municipal Office at telephone number 613-774-2105 during business hours. 

What happens when you contact the valuer?

The valuer will attend the site and make a full investigation and submit a written report within 10 days to the Municipal Clerk, and you will receive a copy of the report.  The valuer’s report provides details regarding the extent of the damage to the livestock or poultry and the amount of compensation claim awarded.  The valuer must also state in the report the predator responsible for the injuring/killing of the livestock or poultry.  You are responsible for filing an affidavit with the Clerk within 10 days.

  Visit the OMAFRA website for more information on this subject.