snow plow

Winter Maintenance

The Township works hard in advance to prepare for the first snow fall of the winter season. Staff work to transform dump trucks, graders and tractors into snow plows, and perform winter vehicle maintenance while ensuring sufficient supplies of salt and stone dust to keep our roads safe.

Please review our Winter Maintenance and Salt Management Policy and general snow facts for more information on snow clearing in the Township of North Dundas.

General Snow Facts

  • The Township starts to plow at 4:00am on snow days
  • First snow response is to plow and salt the roads. It takes 6 hours to complete the Township – 16 hours and longer, if snow continues to fall
  • Priority/designated roads are completed first – these are major routes for traffic, emergency vehicles or parking in villages
  • There are 8 plow routes
  • There are 11 staff that work during the snow period in morning shift and 6 staff in the afternoon shift, once implemented
  • There are 2 sidewalk plows
  • The Township plows sidewalks in Winchester, Chesterville, Winchester Springs, Inkerman, Mountain, Morewood and South Mountain
  • Mailboxes are cleared by Canada Post or residents

Damaged Mailboxes

A piece of Township snow removal equipment may damage a mailbox located in or immediately adjacent to the roadway. The Township will NOT repair damage to items if the damage is due to the force of the snow being discharged by the snow removal equipment.

The Township may repair/replace personal property damaged by direct contact by its equipment on a case-by-case basis. Damaged mailboxes will be replaced with standard, conventional boxes or materials only, as the Township takes no responsibility for special installations or mailbox designs, which are installed on the Township road right-of-way.