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The Council and Township of North Dundas Staff welcomes feedback from citizens and visitors. Please contact us and we will respond to your feedback.

North Dundas Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors

Left front seated: Deputy Mayor Allan Armstrong, Mayor Tony Fraser. Left back standing: Councillor Gary Annable, Councillor John Thompson, Councillor Tyler Hoy.

Mayor's Message

Building a strong, growing community and supporting local businesses are key activities for this Council. During our term, we intend to work diligently with developers and businesses to achieve residential and business growth in the area;  but growth alone, is not enough. 

The success of our community is also due in large part to the efforts of our amazing volunteers who deliver numerous annual, local events that are enjoyed by our residents and visitors. This Council is eager to continue supporting our volunteers and to work with them to pursue new opportunities and activities that will showcase our vibrant community. 

Ongoing enhancements to our parks and facilities that promote accessibility is another Council initiative. We want to make North Dundas a great place for everyone to visit, to live, to work and to raise a family. Working together we can make this happen!

Select By-Laws

By-law 2020-19 To Govern Proceedings of Council and its Committees – Updated June 9, 2021

By-law 2021-01 – Appointment of Officers, Agents, Staff, Committees of Council and Recreation Associations – Updated June 9, 2021


To make a presentation to council at a regular council meeting, contact the clerk’s office by calling 613-774-2105 at least one week prior to the meeting. The clerk will place you or your group on the agenda and give you an approximate time allotment.