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Dog Tag Sales

Under the Dog By-law, all dogs within the Township of North Dundas must be tagged and registered in every even-numbered year. The Township sends out dog tag sales representatives in each licensing year to go door-to-door selling tags (sales representatives will be dispatched later in 2021). Dog tags can also be purchased in person at the Township Office, by phone using a credit card or by mailing in an application and cheque. Applications are available below:

How to Pay

The Township accepts payment in the form of cash, money order, cheque, Visa, Master Card and Interac. Cheques and money orders must be made payable to the Township of North Dundas.

Tags can be purchased by mailing in a cheque or a money order to:

Township of North Dundas
PO Box 489
Winchester, ON
K0C 2K0

and we will send you a tag in the mail (please do not send cash in the mail).  Tags can also be purchased by coming into the Township office located at 636 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester, ON.

Potential Fines

Non-compliance with the dog by-law can result in potential fines.
Access the fee schedule within the by-law.

Barking Dogs

Please be advised that Council has adopted a written complaint policy, for matters that are not a threat to public health and safety. All complaints must be submitted either in writing to the Township Office at 636 St. Lawrence Street; or online via the By-law Complaint form. The complaint policy also applies to barking dogs.