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Find a Bylaw

Bylaws outline the rules and regulations that govern the residents and businesses of North Dundas - and keep the Town a safe and enjoyable community for all. To find a specific Bylaw, please see the list below or use the search function to find the relevant Bylaw for your situation.

Bylaw 2023-01 Appointment of officers, agents, staff, committees of council and recreation associations

Bylaw 2023-14 To regulate and govern mobile food premises in North Dundas

Bylaw 14-2011 Setting the sewer capital rate for sewer connections on County Road #3

Bylaw 15-2011 Setting the capital rate for water and sewer connections on Dawley Drive

Bylaw 2022-95 For Fixing rates for the supply of water/sewer services

Bylaw 2023-04 To set capital charges for water and sanitary sewer connections in the Township of North Dundas

Bylaw 2019-41 To Regulate the Setting of Fires in the Open Air within the Township of North Dundas

Bylaw 2021-45 To Establish Fees for certain Licences, Permits, Certificates and for various services

Bylaw 2023-02 Being a Bylaw to Govern Proceedings of Council and its Committees

Bylaw 2022-86 Being a Bylaw to Establish a Growth Management and Development Allocation Process for the Water Distribution and Sewage Treatment Systems