Theresa Bergeron to be sworn in Tuesday night

The North Dundas Council table
January 14, 2022

North Dundas Council is pleased to announce that it’s welcoming a new member. 
The swearing in of Theresa Bergeron is scheduled for Tuesday night, during the Regular Meeting of Council starting at 7:00pm.
Bergeron was selected to fill the vacant seat on council, following the resignation of Tyler Hoy. She was the candidate with the most votes, after those elected, during the 2018 Municipal Elections. 
“We look forward to having Theresa at the North Dundas Council table,” says Mayor Tony Fraser. “She has a strong business sense and will bring a new voice to local matters.” 
The council meeting and swearing in will be livestreamed on the Township of North Dundas YouTube channel, which can be found here:
Due to new provincial measures implemented to address rising Covid-19 cases, North Dundas Council meetings are not currently open to members of the public. 
Residents are encouraged to join in virtually by watching the meeting live.