Name the New North Dundas Swim Team!

Swim Meet Pool Picture
June 10, 2024

With the renewal of the swim team programming, we have decided to merge the Winchester and Chesterville swim teams into one North Dundas team.

This decision wasn't taken lightly, however we see it as a positive one as we can offer a more competitive swim team, and provide more flexibility for swimmers. We are still offering two practices per week at each pool, but registrants will be able to attend practice at both pools, creating more opportunities for our youth to train and be social in a recreational setting four times per week.

Our hope is that this will allow us better use of our staff resources resulting in more stability at our pools when it comes to lifeguards and high attendance at practices.

And finally, we are hoping this will allow for higher participation rates in swim meets and to help create more unity between our communities.

Please help us name our new unified North Dundas Swim Team by selecting one of the names below. We want to hear from you!

Take one minute to vote on a name for the New North Dundas Swim Team!