Lace Up for a Skate at the Harmony Outdoor Rink!

People standing near the rink holding a sign
January 25, 2024

With the arrival of winter in full swing, anyone can stop by Harmony Park and see kids and families of all ages enjoying the new outdoor rink that is now open and ready for use. 

A huge thank you goes out to Trevor Watters of Watters Financial Group, for his generous donation to go towards materials for building the outdoor rink at Harmony Park, ensuring that it was a reality for the community this winter. In speaking with Trevor and his team who came out to visit the rink, it was clear that giving back to the community in this way means a lot. Having a place where residents and visitors can come to spend time with their kids, families and friends is special, and it is thanks to the generosity of community partners like Trevor that this is able to happen.

Another big thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make this project a reality as well, including Devon Havenaar, for ordering the materials and organizing the construction project, North Dundas Building Supplies, and to the numerous volunteers in the neighbourhood that have given their time to flood the ice, clear it off, and ensure that it is ready for everyone to lace up for a skate!  

See you at the Harmony Outdoor Rink!  

People standing in a group picture on the ice
Park sign with rink in the background
Kids skating on the ice