Sanitary Sewer / Water Connection Application

The undersigned hereby requests the Corporation of the Township of North Dundas to make the necessary service inspection and authorize sanitary, sewer and/or water service for the premises on the:
Civic Address
I further agree the permit fee of $350.00, and to conform to the provisions of all By-Laws or regulations of the Corporation of the Township of North Dundas in respect of such sanitary, sewer and/or water service rate schedules.
Sign above
Note: the applicant must call the Ontario Clean Water Agency at 613-448-3098, 48 hours in advance to arrange an inspection of the new service.  if the service is installed without the proper inspection, the applicant may have to uncover the service to allow the inspection to take place at the applicant's expense.
Note: Only OCWA personnel are authorized to operate the water valve at your property line!  Plumbers are not authorized to operate this valve.  You must contact OCWA at 613-448-3098 to have the water turned on.  Your service rate will become effective the day OCWA turns on the water.  If you have the water turned on by someone else, the start date for billing purposes will be the date of this permit!