Community Grant Form

Community groups/organizations can request financial assistance from the Township through an application process.

There are up to five (5) $400 grants available each year.

Community Grant Requests Deadline: April 1 and September 1 of each year

The following application must be completed in full and submitted in order for a request to be reviewed by the committee.
Due to security reasons, we will not accept attachments that may contain sensitive information.  To complete your application, please visit the Township of North Dundas at 636 St. Lawrence Street to drop off proof of your company finances.
The review committee may request an interview to further substantiate the request.

The review committee will consist of the Director of Recreation & Culture, the Chief Administrative Officer and two members of Council (not full Council).

The review committee will make the final decision on whether the request will be granted.

For more information about the Community Grants, please contact Meaghan Meerburg, Director of Recreation and Culture at the Township office 613-774-2105 or via email.