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  • Subject Land Zoning
  • List of Permitted Uses
  • Official Plan Designation 
  • Subject Land Zoning
  • List of Permitted Uses
  • Official Plan Designation
  • Inspection of Property File
  • WHPA
  • Building Permits
  • Complaints
  • Known Heritage Features
  • Local Improvements
Search of Township records relating to:
  • Environmental Issues
  • Subject Land Zoning
  • List of Permitted Uses
  • Historical Zoning (if requested)
  • Official Plan Designation
  • Compliance Letter
$ 90.00
$ 120 for 2 business days
Please be advised that the report will be based on information available in the Township of North Dundas records. Every attempt will be made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided; however, The Corporation of the Township of North Dundas, its Officers and Employees disclaim any liability for providing any of the information contained therein, whether provided negligently or otherwise.

The reports will not contain zoning compliance information related to building location without a building location plan prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor.

For information regarding septic systems please contact South Nation Conservation,

For information regarding well records please contact the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

For information regarding reference plans, please contact the Land Registry Office in Morrisburg. 

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